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48 jig STYROFOAM hot wire bow cutter block sheet foam craft saw cutting table

48 jig STYROFOAM hot wire bow cutter block sheet foam craft saw cutting table
Slight water damage to the melamine will not affect use or operation, just cosmetic. This item may take up to. Each one is made, one at a time. Picture is of the prototype. Your unit will look much better. This item is designed to cut styrofoam (polystyrene) for wall insulation or packing material. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO CUT HIGH DENSITY FOAM LIKE DOCK FLOATS, BUMPER ABSORBERS, MOLDED CONTAINERS, ETC. IT WILL CUT VERY SLOWLY. IF TOO DENSE IT WILL NOT CUT AT ALL. Products such as foam cups, coolers, food containers are plastic coated and will not cut. THIS IS NOT A REASON TO RETURN IT. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, SEND A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO CUT. Foam is not included. YOUR PACKING MATERIAL IS CUT USING YOUR ITEM, TESTED, WORKS. IF IT DOES NOT CUT YOUR STYROFOAM, YOU ARE NOT CUTTING STYROFOAM. Do you hate Styrofoam? Does that squeak it makes when you cut it make you cringe? Do those little white balls of debris drive you crazy? Just can’t see throwing that white stuff into the trash. The recycle center does not accept it. Make use of what is often thrown away by being able to cut it fast, clean and to the custom size. Hot wire cutters leave little or no mess. Make accurate, fast straight cuts in seconds. Make your own craft and hobby supplies, model railroad inclines, cake fakes. Styrofoam is light weight and strong, unlike kraft paper or newspaper. Cut clean, straight through, up to 5 inch thick blocks. Turn what you would throw away into custom packing material. Make your own ghost poop. Harvest blocks and sheets into usable box liners, stiffeners for photos. This cutter is designed to handle wall insulation sheets that are 47 3/4 wide (prepackaged from Lowes and Home Depot, home improvement stores) table is 48 1/4 long. Bow (51)can be used free-hand to cut large or odd sizes down so you can fit them on the jig for accurate cutting. Bow has a design feature that keeps the hot wire taught when it expands as it heats up. A slack wire will not make a straight or clean cut. For those of you in the construction industry, yes, it cuts blue and pink foamboard. You may need the 48″ lay flat cutter to handle up to the 96″ long foam sheets to cut across them, see 2nd picture. It will not cut foil faced foam, danger, damage to tool WILL OCCUR. This listing is for a complete Styrofoam cutting setup. Includes everything you see. Cutting Jig, Hotwire Bow, Low Voltage plug-in Transformer, Instructions. You will have to assemble the jig and bow (using a Phillips screwdriver). Jig needs to be on a flat surface. Each one is custom made, one at a time. Stop trying to make long cuts with a hot knife. You can’t slice sheets off of blocks with a hot knife! (like slicing bread or cheese) Make perfect uniform thin sheets for lining boxes, make light-weight stiffeners for fragile items like photographs. All units are assembled, tested and broken back down. I make them one at a time, they are functional, not pretty. International rates are higher. Parcel is calculated at 22 pounds due to dimensional weight surcharges. Sheet jig plans for slicing thick sheet (6″ into 2″) are also available. Need a 48″ x 48″? That can be done. My design is copied often but not duplicated. (see 3rd photo) mock up for photos. Check out my other items. Be sure to add me to your favorites list. All items are as described. Nothing is really free, any doubt about the cost, calculate the cost of sending it back. The item “48 jig STYROFOAM hot wire bow cutter block sheet foam craft saw cutting table” is in sale since Thursday, January 26, 2012. This item is in the category “Crafts\Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies\Crafting Pieces\Styrofoam Forms”. The seller is “mark1svc” and is located in Walkersville, Maryland. This item can be shipped worldwide.
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48 jig STYROFOAM hot wire bow cutter block sheet foam craft saw cutting table

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